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E-Juice Selection

American Vapor Group 
30ml - $10
120ml - $27

Offered in 50+ flavors!


50ml - $14
100ml - $24

Misty Vapor Premium E-Liquid

30ml- $16 

Standard blend of 60PG/40VG    

Max VG Blend in the following flavors: Absolutely Tobacco,Jamaican 10Speed, Monkey Blood,Pond Scum,Strawappleberry, Strawberry Sweet Cream 

Sicboy Premium E-Liquid

60ml $22

We carry multiple flavors from the Sicboy line.

120ml Bottles- $29

These offer a great economic value not lacking in quality or flavor. 30Pg/70vg or thicker. Makes fluffy CLOUDS!

FormalRock Star Breakfast- if you liked White House Bernie, that citrus cereal favorite, you will love this as well!

Omen SerumParadox- Sweet Berries and Cream (sweet strawberry and smooth creamy clouds)

Omen SerumPhantom Melon- Melon Sweet Cream (this one is really good)

Omen SerumFURY- Citrus Limeaide (refreshment for the summer heat)

Potion SellerCrimson Monk- Strawberry cheesecake and cream (very nice vape)

Potion SellerGolden Monk- Banana Cream Pie (nice natural banana flavor)

                                        Naked 100 $19